What we do

A little background info about us… My name is Mandie Grohs. Crystal Davis and I co-direct PCHE. Fall of 2014, we sensed The Lord leading us to start a co-op for homeschoolers in Bedford. Our goal is to facilitate an encouraging, supportive community for homeschoolers because too often it easy to feel isolated as we school our children.

PCHE plans to facilitate a community for homeschoolers in 3 ways: weekly academic classes, monthly mom’s nights out, and monthly field trip or service projects for the kids.

We will offer cooperatively taught classes from baby through high school. For the 2016-2017 school year, we will meet at the Bedford Church of God at 1212 E. Main St, Bedford, Va. Our classes will be held on Wednesdays from 9:45am-2pm. We will have 3 one hour long classes with 1 hour for lunch and recess. Upper level science will also meet on alternating Thursday afternoons for additional class instruction.

PCHE is set up differently than ‘cafeteria style’ UTSA and Homefront Educators (FAF), we offer 3 set classes for your child to participate in. We also ask parents to teach and participate too. Each parent will lead teach a class, assist in a class, and ideally have one period off. We provide a mom’s room for the off period for fellowship with other moms.

The cost for all this fun??
$125 per family NONrefundable registration
(Early bird, before April 1)
– OR –
$150 per family NON refundable registration
(After April 1)
$5 supply fee per child enrolled in PreK and up
$10 copy fee per family
$20 science fee for students in 7th grade and up

Registration is closed August 1st each year.

Mandie Grohs


Crystal Davis


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