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Not Your Ordinary Church

Bedford Church of God is not just an ordinary church.  Every facet of our church is intentionally designed toward connection, growth, and service.  From worship, to children and Bible study, everything is geared toward a New Testament model of community and growth in our relationship with the Lord.  We place a heavy emphasis upon our community and reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to create an environment that is warm, friendly and welcoming, while making sure that people are being engaged as well as challenged to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  We expect a lot from our members because we believe that each individual within the body has a very unique gifting that causes the body to function as it should.


Being an outward focused church, our desire is not focused upon a building or personal preferences, rather, upon the lost of Bedford, VA and surrounding areas.  Our desire is to be a church that serves our community in ways that help us to become the hands and feet of Jesus in a postmodern society.  The purpose of our gathering together for worship and Word is to prepare us to go out into our own mission field rather than being a checklist item for the week or something that satisfies our conscience.  We believe there is something very special about corporate worship that prepares us and propels us to be the men and women that God has called us to be as well as being empowered by the Holy Spirit.  It is also a time to worship God together as a family unit.

Finding Your Path

For those who desire to be involved in ministry, we have a very clear discipleship path for you.  Finding out where you “fit” is our specialty, and we love to help others discover their passions and giftings.  There are many areas in our church to get involved and we want you to fulfill your calling by not only being involved inside the church, but outside the church as well.  There is always a place to serve no matter what your gifts are and our prayer is that you will find your area and serve faithfully.  From greeters, ushers, children’s church, our weekly food pantry, and so much more, there is a place for everyone to fit in and fulfill your calling!